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Introduction to Environmentally Friendly Timber Frame Self Build

A one day course to be held in various venues around the UK.
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This is a short introductory course designed for anyone interested in self build. The aim is to inform and inspire, so information presented will not be too technical.

Issues covered include the following: explanation of terms used, methods and systems of construction, information on different materials and products (with a special emphasis on some of the green options that are available) a slide show presenting completed buildings for different groups and different uses and in different locations around the UK.

Each participant will be given a pack to take away containing summary information on the topics covered during the day as well as some references and support information which might be useful for future project proposals.

An outline of the day’s programme is as follows:

Coffee and welcome / intro to WSSBT

Introduction to self build and why timber frame:

  • What is meant by self build
  • Different self build models
  • Different building methods
  • Why timber frame
  • Environmental advantages
  • Self buildability

Different timber frame building methods:

  • Segal post & beam method
  • Panel (on-site and factory produced)
  • Masonite / Tradis prefabricated and insulated systems

LUNCH (with slides of completed buildings)

Other environmental building considerations:

  • Design
  • Getting the best out of the site
  • Insulation and Energy Efficiency
  • Materials / Products & Suppliers
  • Heating
  • Windows
  • Paints and Stains

Where to go from here: (and question and answer session)

  • Finding land
  • Funding
  • Planning
  • Who’s who in the building process
  • How WSSBT can help


Only 65
(50 to self build groups & Walter Segal Self Build Trust members / limited concessions)
price includes refreshments but does not include lunch

Call 01668 213544 to book your place NOW!

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